Elizabeth Anne - Professional Home Cleaning

Elizabeth Anne guarantee a reliable, thorough
and consistent domestic clean on every job.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the cleaning service we have provided, all you have to do is get in contact with us here at Elizabeth Anne and we will be happy to return to your home and, at the earliest available time, rectify the problem area. This will be at no additional cost to you.

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Here at Elizabeth Anne we know the pride you take in your homes appearance. We also understand that in this day and age, time is a precious commoditity and keeping your house spotless can sometimes take a back seat.

This is where we come, Elizabeth Anne has the skills and experience to keep your home dust-free and tidy whilst you go about the more important activities in your daily life.

Services we offer

Regular clean

from daily cleaning to a thorough monthly clean, any regular cycle can be catered for.


a wedding, celebration, guests visiting or simply to treat yourself.

Spring clean

any timer of year, as a one off or at regular intervals throughout the year.


short notice call outs, ideal for crises or change of plan.

House moves

a fresh start in a beautifully clean home, or
a final clean of your beloved old home.


post and pre tenancy cleans and inventory checks.

Our Equipment

We believe there is no substitute for the best, that is why here at Elizabeth Anne we make use of the Dyson DC33, a perfect tool of the trade with Multi Floor capabilies allowing it to work perfectly on any surface your home can throw at it.

The DC33 is also extremely beneficial to allergy and asthma suferers with its HEPA lifetime guaranteed filter.

Get in touch

To contact us regarding any of our services or to enquire about a free consultation and quotation, please call us on 07969 725 158 or email Elizabeth Anne.

Alternatively, feel free to fill out the form on the right regarding any questions or requests and we will get back to you asap.

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